Retirement is a very personal experience, whether you look forward to it with excitement, anxiety or a mixture of both. You naturally will have a lot of questions:

  • How much money is enough to retire on?
  • What sort of lifestyle can I expect to be able to afford in retirement?
  • Will I qualify for the age pension, and if so, how much will I get?
  • When can I afford to retire? Can I retire early?
  • What if I want to keep working past retirement age?

We can help you answer these questions, and put in place a plan that provides you with a worry free lifestyle in retirement.


When reaching retirement one of the questions to consider is: where do you want to spend the rest of your life? Most Australians love their home and want to stay where they are forever. However, many consider downsizing but surprisingly, few retirees are downsizing to free up money. In many cases, they are relocating to places which are closer to family or smaller than the house they had, yet similar in price. They are finding the physical demands of maintaining a large house and garden too much and are making a choice they believe will be for the long-term. They want the next move to be their final one.

Each person’s situation will determine what the best long-term solution is: health concerns, being close to medical care, mobility, and your personal, family and financial situations will affect your decision.

It’s never too late to get started

No matter how long it is until you retire, there is always something you can do to improve your situation. Some of the things we have done for our clients include saving tax so you have more to retire on, changing the risk profile of your super investments, or paying off your debts sooner.