We know … super can be boring! Your life is busy and there are so many other things you would rather do than think about your super, let alone do anything about it. But, it’s your money and if you take some control of it, you can have peace of mind that it’s sorted. Leaving you time to plan your next holiday!

Do you know:

  • How your super is invested? What return should you expect and what risk are you taking?
  • What fees are you paying?
  • Where would your super go if you were to die?
  • The tax office has billions in unclaimed and lost super – could some of this be yours?
  • Do you have any insurance inside your super, and if so, how much is it for, what premiums are you paying, and under what circumstances could you claim on it?

Smart strategies

Not only can we help you get your super sorted, but we can see if there are any smart super strategies that can boost your super and get you to your retirement goal sooner. Some strategies we have used with our clients include:

  • Saving tax in your super fund so you have more for you … not the tax man
  • Invest so as to maximise your return for the amount of investment risk you are happy with

Should you put spare money into super or your mortgage?

This is a question we are often asked. If you have some extra cash, should you pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible, or contribute more to super through salary sacrifice to save on tax. As with most of these things – it depends on your specific personal circumstances. We can work with you to see which would be better for you.